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Moose River Crossing
Package C

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Departs: Smooth Rock Falls Ont.
Distance 10 km
2 days / 1 night
Skill Level: Beginner (Guided by Howling Wolf Expeditions)

Trip Itinerary

This trip is designed for someone in the area, camping, visiting, whatever, and decides to seek a bit of adventure. H.W.E. can quench that urge with an overnight package on the Moose River at Moose River Crossing. Throw in a train ride on the world famous Polar Bear Express, along with some history of the Cree, pick up some canoe skills, could be exactly what you needed. This trip would definitely add to any ones vacation. Your adventure starts in Smooth Rock Falls Ontario on day one. First you will meet your guide Rick discuss your trip over a hearty breakfast. Then pack all your gear most that will go in dry bags. Then we shuttle down an old logging road to where we will flag down the train at Fraserdale Station. We board the legendary Polar Bear Express which is a special experience in itself. The train chugs along into the heart of the James Bay Lowlands towards our destination, Moose River Crossing. Will cross dozens of rivers, be provided with scenic views along with a solid flavor of intriguing passengers. After a couple of hours the train squeals to a halt. Your guide scrambles to get the canoes and river gear off the train. The canoes and the gear are carried the short distance down to the water .Then you will receive instruction, demonstration and participate in basic canoeing skills. A short paddle down river to set up our camp. Then will paddle out to visit the Cree burial site along the river to pay our respects. Will then have a hearty supper at our campsite, sit around the campfire for the evening, enjoying the view of the Moose River...trade stories...thoughts...swim...or just find a quite corner to read or relax. The sunsets on the Moose are second to none and late at night when the Northern Lights appear you’ll be guaranteed a pristine majestic dance for they are performing for the mighty Moose and the spirits of all those that have passed before you. Next morning starts with a hearty breakfast which might include pancakes, muffins, granola, oatmeal or fruits. Then were off again in the canoes to explore the Gypsum Caves. You will learn the history of Moose River Crossing...about the Cree that lived in this area ..there beliefs and customs. Then we flag down the Polar Bear Express (around 7:00 p.m.) For the return run to Fraserdale. Sit back relax enjoy the train ride home. Moose River, Gypsum Caves, Cree Burial Site, Polar Bear Express. Wow, what a trip! Time to find out what else Howling Wolf Expeditions can do for you !

(C) Package
2 days / 1 night
$480.00 Cdn
meals/ snacks/ beverages/ on water
guiding/ equipment
shuttle / train fares / to/return/ Fraserdale

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