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Canoeing Course

For this moving water course you should have flat water canoeing experience. We open the course by working on perfecting our strokes. Basically, they are the forward, back, draw and pry strokes. We will move forward into combination strokes, sweeps, J strokes, and C stroke and learn how to properly execute a power stroke, plus the high and low brace. Entering and exiting your canoe in a moving water environment, plus proper technique to land safely in current will be taught. You will learn about canoe compositions and designs, (pros and cons), different paddles, materials, proper sizing, and what’s best suited for wilderness tripping, along with learning tilts, angles in rapids, peel outs, eddying, ferrying (front, back) and S turns.

We will discuss proper boat outfitting for moving water, execution of throw bags, clothing, and footwear best suited for playing in the rapids or river tripping. Discussions on hydration, hypothermia, swimming in rapids, river signals, canoe over canoe rescue, retrieving a swamped boat and canoe portaging techniques will be included. We will draw a river diagram in the sand, at lunch break, for a visual aid of sweepers, rocks, eddy lines, and hydraulics, to demonstrate the dynamics of moving water. This course is a must for the river tripper and water adventure seeker, providing them with a solid base introduction to the thrilling sport of whitewater!

$340.00/person Cdn
2 Full Days
Includes Instruction / Equipment

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