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Kayak Course

Recreational kayaking is the fastest growing water sport. This course is designed for the newcomer to flat water kayaking. We will touch on boat materials and designs to help you determine what boat will suit you best and, of course, discuss water safety and personal floatation devices (Lifejacket), your number one asset in any Kayak outing. We will focus on basic strokes to paddle forward and reverse in a straight line, and you will learn proper paddling technique and the importance of form. Included will be a discussion about the clothing that is best suited for a day on the water. Also, you will be shown the proper technique to lift and carry a kayak to prevent injury. Rescues and safety skills will be emphasized.

This course is designed for a safe introduction to the fun sport of kayaking. It allows you to become a more confident, self efficient paddler, plus provides you with a good base to move up into a sea kayaking course. Itís an excellent opener to kayaking for a family, cottage owner, youth group, recreationist, or just a few friends spending an afternoontogether

$70.00/Person Cdn
3 Hours in Length
Includes Instruction / Equipment

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