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Personal Gear Items

Personal Gear List

This is a sample list for your Howling Wolf Expeditions water adventure. If you're out on your own personal outing, this list is incomplete. Once you have booked a trip, you will be told exactly of what your packing list should consist. Remember you will have many of these items for a long time, so do yourself a favour. You deserve it. Buy quality now and brag about it forever.

Personal Items

  1. Personal Medications ( No substituting this one )
  2. Sleeping Bag 2-3 season..Synthetic fills are very compressible, light and quick drying if needed.
    (Avoid cotton or Grandpaís 5 star hunting bag).
  3. Small Towel: synthetic chamois absorbs well iseasy to wring out and dries quickly
  4. Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Brush, comb, Shampoo etc.:in small containers, preferably biodegradable
  5. Sun Glasses: with strap: Try tripping on sunny days on water without shades -Migraines!
  6. Sun Screen-30 spf: or more
  7. Insect repellent: (Watkins is a good choice)
  8. Flashlight:Head lamps are excellent AA battery types a good choice for proper size
  9. Water Bottle 1 Liter:We can recommend what type best suits your needs.


  1. Long sleeve T-shirt:: Light weight synthetics like polyester are excellent choices
  2. Short sleeve T-shirt:Same material as long sleeve as it dries quickly, breathes well and is comfortable
  3. Pants:Nylon pants a must as they are quick drying, offer sun and bug protection and warmth
  4. Socks:Light wool or quick drying polyester wicks moisture away, avoids blisters and cold.
  5. Bathing Suit:Hey youíre on vacation! Nylon shorts for boys, two piece for the ladies if they find it more convenient. ( For the girls.. nylon shorts also protect the tops of thighs)
  6. Wide-Brimmed Hat:Protects face and neck from sun. Goretex is excellent as itís light and waterproof.
  7. Paddling Gloves:(optional): Light neoprene is a good choice. They help prevent blisters and add warmth
  8. Nylon Hiking Boots:You want them to be lightweight, offers good support,and secure well to your feet.
  9. Avoid leather!..never dries..weighs more then your guide when wet!
    (** Avoid cotton or denimís **)

Night Clothes

(Stored in Dry Bags during day..so your comfy at night)

  1. Light Jacket: Fleece or Windbreaker with nylon shell ( Good choices )
  2. Long Sleeve T-Shirt:Merino wool or polyester
  3. Long Pants:..You guessed it, Nylon
  4. Socks:: Wool or a quick dry material...No cottons!
  5. Underwear:Long and Short in polyester as itís light and comfortable
  6. Toque:: Fleece or Wool- A must for the wilderness tripper...Retains those precious BTUís
  7. Nylon Hiking Boots,Shoes, Runners: protects feet at campsite (Avoid sandals)
  8. Bug Jacket:The equalizer when tripping in black fly, mosquito territory!
  9. Rain Suit:Buy a quality outfit thatís waterproof, two piece with a hood.You wonít regret it!


  1. Spending money:(Credit card necessary on some trips. Weíll inform you) and a small journal
  2. Camerawaterproofed or disposable.
  3. Pocket knife(Folding one, sheath) ..No Ramboís!
  4. Alcoholic Beveragesacceptable, once campsite is set up for the evening. They must be stored in a non-breakable container, such as a Nalgene jar. Avoid beer ( Weight )
    ** Alcohol Consumption Will Not Be Allowed While On the Water **

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