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New Post Falls - Abitibi River
Kayak Adventure

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Departs: Smooth Rock Falls, Ont.
Distance: 21 km
2 days/ 1 night
Skill Level: Beginner

Trip Itinerary

Day 1-2

For the beginning kayak enthusiast this excellent package offers a bit of everything: kayaking, camping, historical knowledge and one of natureís most spectacular water falls. Your adventure starts in Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario, where you will meet Rick, your guide, to discuss your trip over a healthy breakfast. Afterwards, you will pack your gear, most of which will be stored in dry bags and will shuttle down an old logging road, Fraserdale Road, and your put in at Abitibi Canyon.

The Abitibi River was a major tributary for the fur trade for the Hudsonís Bay Company in the 17 and1800's. The riverís clay bottom is the result of glacial sand, clay and gravel which gives the water a distinct brownish color. On this wilderness river adventure you will be traveling the same route that the Coureurs De Bois and Voyageurs did. As you move down the river you will be treated to its high banks and the solitude of this waterway, as it twists through the dense Boreal Forest of North Eastern Ontario.

You will have about a two hour relaxing paddle to your campsite at the base of the spectacular New Post Falls. As you proceed down river you will explore the old New Post grave site thatís hidden in the dense bush along the water. The New Post site belonged to the Hudsonís Bay Company, which dates back to the 1800's, as you will see by some of the dates on the crosses. You'll take photographs and discuss some of the history of this very special spot thatís been lost in time.

Half an hour later you will pull in at the base of New Post Falls. This breathtaking spectacle could be the highlight of any river expedition. Water gushes through a spit rock gorge, then drops some 120 meterís below to continue its path towards the Abitibi River. Youíll climb up the side of the gorge to the top of the Falls. The mist, rumble of the water, fog, rapids, and barkless tress are all reasons why you are viewing one of natureís most precious gems. Now is the time for a group photo in the fog and mist. Your group will have shared a moment together that will last a lifetime! Then it will be back down the gorge to set up camp at the base of the Falls.

A healthy meal is on the menu for the evening, topped off with homemade muffins ,cookies and fruit for desert. Your guide has the expertise on the water, in the wilderness, but, fortunately, his wife Jocelyne is in charge of all the pre-prep of meals before expeditions. The lady is an awesome cook. Nutrition is a key component on any wilderness outing.

The evening will be spent around the campfire, listening to the roar of the Falls, hearing and trading stories about the river, its travelers, the New Post grave site and, of course, the mystic Falls. It will have been a relaxing day providing a wealth of knowledge to all.

Next morning will start with a healthy breakfast, which might include pancakes, muffins, granola, oatmeal or fruit. You will spend most of the day exploring for fossils and then relaxing before you start on your return paddle up river to the take out at Abitibi Canyon.

If there is a better two day package out there that can match this combination of history, beauty and tranquility, please contact Howling Wolf Expeditions because weíd love to book a trip!

New Post Falls
Kayak adventure
2 days/ 1 night
$ 460.00/ person Cdn
Breakfast / meals / snacks / beverages
Shuttle / Guiding / Equipment

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