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Wilderness Survival Skills

This course is designed to provide you with the basic wilderness skills necessary for survival in the woods. You will learn what is needed for woods preparation. We will discuss, and you be shown, the necessary equipment for wilderness activities. You will learn about clothing and the benefits of selecting the correct materials. We will deal with fire preparation and with selecting the proper location and best resources available for starting a fire. You will receive tips on water purification, hydration and nutrition. Also, preventing hypothermia will be discussed. You will be shown the different navigation tools that are available, along with their strengths and weaknesses. We will discuss physical capabilities and the necessary mental approach for survival in the woods.These are keys to help you survive when lost in the wilderness. This is an excellent base for the camper, hiker, berry picker and actually anyone who goes out into the wilderness.

Location: Smooth Rock Falls Area…Or other pre -chosen wilderness location
4 Hour Course
Includes all Equipment
$65.00/person Cdn.
Minimum 6 participants

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