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White Water Rafting - Shekak River
Full Day Adventure

Howling Wolf Expeditions teams up with Momentum Outdoors for this one. Mark Long, co-owner of Momentum, along with his wife, Jean, bring a solid combination of water knowledge and impressive paddling skills. If I had to send Grandma down on a raft run, Long would be the guide. Momentum Outdoors has all the necessary equipment to provide a safe, enjoyable run. Your guides really add to this package. Long, the legend, one of the top raft guides in Ontario, Jeff Morris, a rock solid, very skilled river rafter and Rick Isaacson, the older dude, a seasoned veteran on the water scene, with a keen sense of humor form the team.

The Shekak River trip is a full day adventure, starting at 9:30 and ending at approximately 4:30 or 5:00 in the afternoon. This pristine river trip is nearly 12 km long, has between 12 and 15 rapids, and takes nearly 7 ˝ hours, making it by far the longest one day rafting trip in Ontario. We stop for lunch below Big Rock Rapid and enjoy the impressive view from below a 15-20 ft. waterfall.

There are lots of places to swim, the scenery is incredible, and moose, bear, and bald eagles abound in the area. Included in the cost of the trip is your personal equipment (helmet, lifejacket, and paddle), as well as your lunch, and a cold beer, pop, or juice to celebrate your successful day of rafting at the end of your trip.

Start Location:

We start at the bridge where the Shekak River crosses #11 highway. It's approximately 50 km west of Hearst. We can accommodate up to 21 people per/ day.

What to bring:

Sunscreen...Tie strap for glasses...Waterproof camera (the disposable kind are great) Shoes you don't mind getting wet (old running shoes are good as they protect the toes while walking on rocks or sand)…Any medication that you normally need (we’ll keep it dry in our first aid kit)


We rent full wetsuits with wet suit jackets for $10.00 per/ person. This is enough usually to keep most people warm. But if it's unusually cool you may want to bring any synthetic clothes you might normally wear cross-country skiing (for eg. polypropylene, long underwear, fleece shirts, wool socks..) Nothing cotton as cotton tends to cool you down rather than warm you up! Book Early....Awesome Run!

Whitewater Package
Shekak River
$115.00/person Cdn
Equipment / Guiding / Lunch

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