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Sea Kayaking Course

Sea kayaking is just an awesome way to experience the day, weekend, or even a ten day expedition on the water. Sea kayaks are longer, sleeker, quicker and offer higher storage capacity than a recreational kayak, and are designed for travel on larger bodies of water or in adverse water conditions.

This course is designed for the newcomer to the sea kayaking scene. First you will learn about different types of sea kayaks, their composition and why they perform differently. We値l discuss the basic outfitting needed for safety, control, and function of the main parts. After, you値l learn about the pros and cons of the different types of paddles and their proper sizing. We値l also mention how to choose proper clothing for different weather conditions and temperatures. You値l learn to paddle forward, reverse in a straight line, initial, secondary stability, pivots, edging, low brace, forward, reverse sweeps, and draw strokes. You値l be shown wet exit and re-entry, and how to retrieve a swamped kayak. There will be a discussion on choosing the best Kayak Personal Flotation Device and a demonstration of the paddling technique for rough water. Of course, you will be taught the proper way of lifting and carrying a kayak to prevent injury.

This comprehensive course teaches the fundamentals of Sea Kayaking. It allows you to feel comfortable maneuvering a sea kayak, instills confidence, and teaches skills to enjoy sea kayaking in a safe, comfortable environment. This course is highly recommended by Howling Wolf Expeditions for anyone seeking a solid introduction to the countless rewards offered in the intriguing sport of Sea Kayaking.

$170.00/Person Cdn
7 Hours in Length
Includes Instruction / Equipment

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